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About The Contemporary Pet

As the owner of various pets over the years – dogs, cats, birds, fish and even a few rats, I had joined various Facebook groups, online chats and websites focused on animals and their care. But each one had limitations that left me frustrated. There were so many sites to visit, and each one lacked something. On some, you couldn’t get professional feedback. On others, it was difficult or impossible to chat with others who visited the site. There were also occasional problems with strife within these groups. Sadly, some pet owners felt judged or intimidated and left these groups.

My goal with The Contemporary Pet is to provide several elements in one website that will inform, entertain and support pet owners without being intimidating or judgmental.

New Year's Resolutions

Soldier and me at Christmas 2017.


Regular posts with information about everything from food recalls to articles on how to crate train your dog and everything in between. This is where I’ll write about a wide range of topics that I feel will be of interest to pet owners. This is also where I’ll share my own thoughts and opinions on my journey as a pet owner.  I am, like you, a contemporary pet owner but by no means am I an expert. I’m just a pet lover who wants to interact with other pet lovers. My hope is that The Contemporary Pet will become an incredible support community.

Sadly, Peanut Butter passed away in December 2017, leaving behind her best buddy, Soldier. We will miss Peanut Butter incredibly, but Soldier and I will continue to bring you information, reviews and editorials about pet care as long as we are able. To read our tribute to Peanut Butter, please visit our Rainbow Bridge page.


Post your questions here and each week we’ll select a question and forward it to an expert, whether that is a pet behaviorist, a veterinarian or some other expert. We’ll post their responses and include links to helpful websites.


Sometimes pet owners want feedback from others who might have gone through a difficult pet situation who can give them encouragement or suggestions. Kind of like asking other moms in your children’s play group. Everyone is welcome to post a question or a response. All we ask is that you keep it helpful and positive. There is one simple rule here – be kind.


These could be anything from the Top Ten Cat Toys to Five Things You Need to Know About Boarding Kennels. We’ll strive to provide helpful and/or entertaining lists that everyone will enjoy. If you have an idea for a list you’d like to see, let us know!


Every week, we’ll feature an article about something that is pertinent to pet owners. It could be and article on upcoming legislation about leash laws, ways to keep your pet cool in the summertime or advice about traveling safely with your pets. Check back each week to see what we’re talking about!


One of the most important features of The Contemporary Pet is the Rainbow Bridge. This is the page where pet owners can submit a memorial tribute and photograph of their pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge. Our hope is that by sharing your pets’ photos and stories, your hurt will be healed. We encourage guests to post their words of condolence and love so that nobody will ever feel alone when they lose a member of their furry family. By sharing our grief, we hope we can multiply the joy.

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