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Good-Bye, Peanut Butter (aka Miss Thang)

Peanut Butter, Rainbow Bridge
When I moved into your home and brought my dog with me, you were aloof at first, but I knew the first time you took a nap with me that we would share a bond. You became Soldier’s best friend and sibling and I was so happy about that. By the time you left us, I loved you just as much as the rest of my new family had always loved you. Independent by day, you became a lap-lover in the evenings and I will miss having you draped over the foot of our bed or curled up against my stomach to share the warmth. Whether we called you Peanut Butter, Miss Thang, Miss B*tchy Pants or Newman, every name was used with affection. I miss you. I’m so sorry we weren’t there for you when you passed. I hope you know that all of us loved you so very much!
June 1999 to December 14, 2017

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