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Can You Have a Sugar Glider with a Cat?

Can you have a sugar glider with a cat?

If you’re considering adopting one of these adorable pocket-sized pets into your cat-centric home, that’s definitely something you need to consider. Keep reading to find out the answer!


Can You Have a Sugar Glider with a Cat?

Any time you decide to bring home a new pet, you should be careful about how the existing ones would react, and the new one would respond. If you don’t take the time to make sure your pets mesh well with each other, you run the risk of being forced to rehome your sugar glider. Can they get along with cats, though?

The ultimate answer is yes; you can have a sugar glider with a cat. The two species can coexist in your home if you take all the required safety measures and keep your cat’s instincts in mind. However, you will have your work cut out for you. Let’s look at some basics and “watch outs” for creating a harmonious home between the two species.

What you need to know about Sugar Gliders 

Sugar gliders are marsupials and are considered exotic pets. Those large ears, sparkling and inquisitive eyes, and tiny squirrel-like body make them high on everyone’s wish list. These are nocturnal creatures and live in groups, so you’ll want to adopt more than one.

Do you know why they are called sugar gliders? These little buddies love sugary foods. Plus, they glide through the air. Think of a flying squirrel. Not just that, all the sugar they eat gives them loads of energy. Sugar gliders are super active animals! Leave them out, and they’ll crawl all over the place. Put them in the cage, and they’ll be climbing over the walls and bars.

These cuties make an adorable picture, don’t they? But this activity can put them at risk from other pets if you are not alert.

Cats + energetic sugar gliders = danger

This is hardly surprising, isn’t it? Even if you have an old and lazy cat that rarely leaves his bed throughout the day, leaving a sugar glider running around can be dangerous. A small & active furry creature gliding around your home can bring out even the most buried hunting instincts in cats.

Then there’s the scent. Gliders emit a strong (and foul to your kitty) smell that makes it easy for a cat to track to any corner of the room. The only real way to keep your glider safe from your cat is to supervise the two whenever they’re together. The rest of the time, your pocket-sized pet should be safely tucked away in a secure habitat.

Habitats are a must

Sugar gliders live in tree hollows with their families. They like it nice, warm, and cozy. If you are going to bring home sugar gliders into a household with cats, you absolutely need to get a secure habitat. These “cages” have been designed to create a safe haven for your teeny pets.

Also, other pets cannot get into the cages and attack these little furry cuties. Don’t be startled if you find your cat sitting near the cage all day and watching the sugar glider run around in a frenzy. Even more important, don’t discourage the behavior. By allowing your cat to observe his new household companion in a secure location, you’re laying the groundwork for a more harmonious home. Once kitty stops looking at your glider like lunch and loses interest in him, you can move onto introductions.

Socialization, Interaction, and Friendship 

Slowly introduce the sugar glider to your cat and allow them both the time to get used to each other’s presence. Stay alert. If you feel either of the animals started to get spooked, cut short the introduction, and keep them away from each other. Soothe both pets and let them rest before planning another session.

It will take time for your cat to accept your glider at home.  Be patient and give your pets the time and space to trust each other. Eventually, they’ll learn to coexist, and they may even become the best of buds! It’s not uncommon for cats and gliders to bond. However, even if they seem like best friends for life, never leave them unattended together.


If you take time to understand your cat’s temperament and the living habits of a sugar glider, it shouldn’t be much of an issue with keeping them together at home. You just have to be willing to put in the work to make it happen.



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