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Introducing a New Dog into the Family – Useful Tips to Know

Introducing a new dog

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Whether you are bringing home a new puppy or an adopted rescue, there are lots of things you need to know. Any new member being introduced to an established family can be overwhelming, so you should try to keep up a calm and assertive presence. Whilst remaining calm is an important step, there are lots more things to consider:

Before Your Dog Arrives

Before bringing home any dog, you need to make sure everything is prepared and that everyone is on board. Everyone should consent to a new dog being introduced and should be aware of what role they may have and any responsibilities this includes. Purchasing all the essential items to take care of your dog is important too so that when your dog comes home, everything is ready and waiting for him or her. Your dog should ideally have their own assigned space, where their bed and/or crate will be set up, as well as their food and water station.


Speaking to your vet and getting essential appointments booked could be vital if your vet gets especially busy. Your dog or puppy may need check-ups, vaccinations, and a routine health-check, as well as being microchipped with updated address and your contact details. You may also want to pre-book grooming appointments if your dog is likely to need this. Getting a head-start on training sessions and dog walking groups could also be things to consider, depending on the age and sociability of the dog.

Bringing Your Dog Home

Making sure you have adequate space in the car will be essential, and you will need to decide seating arrangements if your dog will require company on the journey home. Getting a car-lead or safety harness is important to ensure your dog is safe and secure during car journeys, and a clip-on attachment for harnesses that fits into seatbelt clips is relatively inexpensive. Whilst getting excited is a natural reaction, you should try to make sure everyone keeps up a calm and assertive attitude towards the dog until it settles in. You don’t want to overexcite or stress the dog with loudness and too much energy.


If you have other pets in the family, you should ideally make first introductions one-at-a-time and outdoors, away from any food or toys. Being kept on a loose leash will help you to have control over the situation. If your dog is from an adoption center, wearing a muzzle could also be something to consider, as it will make sure your other pets are safe. Aggression in dogs often comes from fear or from guarding behaviors, in which a dog will guard its space, toys or food. Until the pecking order has been established and you know how well your new dog will behave, a muzzle is not a bad idea to start with.

Settling in

Once your new dog is home, it will take some time for everyone to settle down and things to become routine. You should have lots of patience with any new dog, puppy or adult, as they will need lots of attention, care, and assertiveness to teach them how to behave in your home. Training is essential with any dog, so they follow your command and understand clearly that you are the pack leader. Some dogs suffer from anxiety, especially if they come from a bad background, so having patience and understanding is essential. There are lots of signs of a happy dog to look out for, so you can keep a close eye on how well they are settling in.

Every dog is incredibly happy to have a family, so remember that when adopting or buying a new dog, it becomes part of the family for life. Taking care of any pet is a huge responsibility, which may come with challenges, but it should be worth it if you put in the required time, love, and patience that every pet deserves.


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  1. Dassehra

    October 11, 2019 11:02 am

    I have a story When I introduced my little sweet puppy to my family firstly they were angry on me but after that with the passage of time they get more attach with him as compare to me.. May be i was wrong when i introduced him in home but now all is set wet …
    I like your article good tips and tricks you shared..
    Thanks a lot…

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