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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Child a Dog

Getting your child a dog is one of the best gifts you could give. You’ll quickly notice that both you and your child will grow throughout the experience. However, so many people still ask themselves if they should go through with taking on this task. It is a big choice, but one that will be well worth it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get your child a dog.

  1. Dogs Teach Responsibility

Responsibility is a trait that is gained through action, not verbal communication. When a kid has to take care of a dog, there’s much more to it than just hugging and playing with their furry friend. They’ll have to feed the dog, walk it, take it outside to go to the bathroom and so on. This not only builds the relationship between your child and dog, but also helps teach your child about responsibility.

  1. Dogs Offer Protection

There’s a reason that several dog breeds are known as “guard dogs”. Keeping your children safe is the most important thing in any parent’s life. Having a dog around to keep them out of harm’s way is a fantastic way to get some peace of mind and show your child how much they mean to you.

Even if it’s not a guard dog, all dogs bark when they’re stressed or defensive. You’ll have yourself a mobile alarm system that warns you if anything is wrong. Whether there’s an intruder, a fall, or any other problem, your dog will give you a heads up.

  1. Dogs Teach Children Unconditional Love

Man’s best friend teaches us the bond of unbreakable love throughout their lifetime. Loyalty, respect, experiences, and a whole lot of cuddles result in the true definition of unconditional love. Your child will learn how important it is to stick with a friend, even when times are tough. It’s all about learning and growing through it all.

  1. Dogs Improve Mental Health

Owning a dog is a great stress reliever in children and adults. Having something to put all their attention into distracts them from their problems. Sometimes it even diminishes problems by putting them into perspective. A dog’s love encourages us to feel more wanted and gives us a sense of purpose. Introducing a puppy into a child’s life at an early age shows them that they’re always desired to be around, which is what everyone wants!

  1. Dogs Keep Kids Active

Chasing the ball around, running through the backyard, going on walks… All of the activities that dogs love to do require exercise. Kids are becoming less and less active with so much technology and screen time, so having a dog will help keep them active and excited to play outside.

Promoting an active lifestyle is also great because it teaches them the overall importance of getting out of the house. Try setting a schedule that they can stick to over a long period of time, like daily dog walks or 30 minutes of playing with the dog outside every other day. This is good for the dog’s health and your child’s as well!

Dogs Are A Great Addition To Any Family

Getting a dog for your child can be extremely beneficial. From health benefits, to security and teachable moments, dogs really can impact a family in a positive way. It’s safe to say that every kid deserves to have a furry friend to grow up with!

About the Author:

Chris Carpenter is the author of the book, Vet Set Go!, which aims to help teach tweens and teens how to become a veterinary volunteer. As a licensed vet himself, Dr. Carpenter hopes his knowledge and passion for animals can help aspiring vets succeed in the industry.

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