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When to Consider a Wheelchair for Your Dog

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Wheelchairs for dogs have massively improved in recent years, and there are many more brands and design options to choose from. A wheelchair can be a great addition to your dog’s recovery from an illness or injury or even a permanent solution to help their mobility. For dogs whose rear limbs no longer work that well, a canine wheelchair can be a life-saving solution, allowing them to continue enjoying going on walks, and be able to carry on going to the toilet unassisted. If you think that a wheelchair could be a good option for your dog, read on to find out more and decide if it’s worth considering.

Is a Wheelchair Right for You and Your Dog?

First of all, it’s important to understand that a wheelchair might not be the best option for every dog or owner. You’ll need to bear in mind that your dog cannot be left in his wheelchair for extended periods of time, and usually won’t be able to lie down when using it. So, it’s best reserved for walking or when playing in the garden supervised. And, your dog will need to have front limbs that are strong enough to move the wheelchair around. You’ll also need to be prepared for lifting your dog in and out of the wheelchair each time it is used.

Neurological Conditions:

For dogs with neurological conditions that are expected to undergo a prolonged recovery, being crated or penned for several months can hinder recovery and leave both you and your dog feeling miserable. A wheelchair is a great solution for this situation, as it allows your dog to safely walk around and have more of a normal existence whilst recovering. It’ll allow your dog to continue walking as normal, relieving you of some of the pressure of carrying them each time you take them outside. And, wheelchairs can be extremely supportive when it comes to rehabilitative activities and exercises after spinal surgery, for example. Check out K9 Carts for a range of wheelchair options to help your dog move around.


It’s not just neurological conditions that wheelchairs can be helpful for. Arthritis is common in older dogs and can really affect their range of mobility, making it difficult for them to go for a walk and lead a normal dog’s life. They may still potter around at home and go out in your garden, but if taking them for a walk to the park leaves them in pain, it can be difficult. A wheelchair can take a lot of the pressure off arthritic limbs and give your dog their range of mobility back, allowing them to enjoy walking in the park once again.


Sometimes, it’s necessary to amputate a dog’s limb due to injury or illness. And whilst most dogs are able to bounce back from this surgery and manage on three legs quite easily, it will place extra pressure on the spine and other limbs. A wheelchair can help to relieve some of this pressure and keep your amputee dog in the best health and condition.

Wheelchairs can help an old dog or dog recovering from injury or illness to continue living a happy and fulfilled life full of fun.

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