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5 Ways to Make a Hard Pill Easy to Swallow for Your Dog


Coming back from a vet visit with your dog’s medicine is half the battle. Your vet will usually try to give you medication that is easy to administer to your pet. some pet parents find it easy to administer liquid medication while some find it easy to administer pills. You might get stuck with medication that your dog simply refuses to swallow. Even if you are able to buy dog meds cheap, wastage during administration does cost money. The stress of trying to repeatedly administer the medicine takes a toll on your pet’s health even further.

There are some tried and tested ways of administering medicines you can try as well.

Crush Them Up

Some dogs find it hard to swallow pills. The best way to go is crushing the pills. By breaking the pills down, they become easy to swallow for your dog. This might take away your dog’s anxieties of having to take a pill. Place the pill between two small sheets of aluminium foil, wrap the sides to avoid spillage and pulverise the pill with a rolling pin or even a nice big dictionary. You can simply open your dog’s mouth and empty the crushed pill directly into their mouth. The powder is likely to mix with your dog’s saliva and become impossible to spit out. Keep a bowl of fresh water ready if you try to help your dog get rid of the taste.

Use a Syringe

A needleless syringe is the best way to administer liquid medicines. Syringes are better than droppers since the force of the plunger drives the liquid down the throat swiftly. With a syringe, you can even give your dog a pill. You can mix the crushed pill with some water, turning it into a liquid, and administer the mixture using a syringe.


Bananas can be a beloved pet snack. You can take a small piece of banana and stick the pill inside it. To make sure that your dog eats the pill with the banana, make the piece bite size. For liquid medicines, you can mash the banana, mix in the medicine and let your dog lick up the mashed banana. You can also mix the crushed pill with the mashed banana if you have a small dog.

Peanut Butter

A peanut butter coated pill is far easier to swallow than a dry one. The moisture of the peanut butter mixes well with liquid medicines, crushed pills, and even whole small pills. Unless your dog is allergic to peanut butter, this is a sure winner.


The boiled liver is another all-time favourite for most dogs. Just like peanut butter, you can use mashed up boiled liver. Some dogs do have organ meat allergies. For them, you can boil some chicken and put it in the food processor to make a paste. Any sort of meat paste is sure to get your dog lapping up their medicines without a hitch. Try these tips and avoid your regular medicine battle with your dog.

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