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Update on Peanut Butter’s Sudden Blindness

Peanut Butter, my blind cat, relaxing in her favorite chair

Last week I posted that our cat, Peanut Butter, had suddenly gone blind. It was traumatic for the cat and worrisome for the rest of the family. At that time, the vet stressed that her vision might not return, so we prepared accordingly. But I’m excited to say that the blood pressure medicine seems to be helping! She is still obviously visually challenged, but she’s seeing some out of her left eye. The right one hasn’t had a change, but the left eye is improving.

How I Know Her Vision is Improving

How can we tell? She’s started climbing onto things again, albeit carefully. When her vision was at its worst, she would only creep along walls. She has been venturing out into rooms and even climbed up in to her favorite chair this morning. You can see her curled up in it in the photo above. Last week, she wouldn’t have taken the leap; instead she would have simply slept beside the chair. I’ll take any kind of improvement for Peanut Butter, and this is an exciting one.

I’ve also noticed that Peanut Butter, who is moody on even her best days, is becoming more pleasant again. During the time when she was in pain, then when she lost her eyesight, she attacked and bit me, precipitating an ER visit for me She also lashed out at anyone close to her, including our dog Soldier. Within the last 24 hours Peanut Butter has mellowed. She’s purring again, rubbing against us and has even cuddled up to the dog for an afternoon nap. It seems like Peanut Butter’s improved vision has also given her back her confidence and an improved mood!

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  1. Kathy Crable

    August 29, 2017 12:17 am

    Glad she is showing some improvement. Hope it continues.

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