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Do Your Cats Rule Over Dogs?

Cats rule over dogs, and Peanut Butter proves it by staking out her territory on Soldier's dog quilt.

Peanut Butter, our cranky but lovable old cat, has staked out her territory on Soldier’s orthopedic dog bed and handmade dog quilt. We’re used to it; so is Soldier. In my experience (and I’ve had tons of it!), cats rule the roost in most homes where there is a cat and a dog in residence. It may be a Maine Coon Cat intimidating a tiny Teacup Chihuahua, which almost makes sense when you look at their respective sizes. But it could also be a kitten lording it over a Saint Bernard or Rottweiler. Size clearly doesn’t matter.

Peanut Butter and Soldier (my sweet senior dog) have been together over twelve years and they now curl up together on the orthopedic dog bed some nights; but if Peanut Butter gets there first, she claims the softest spot and a majority of the space for herself. When the dog gets there, he will take what’s left over or he’ll move on to another spot. There’s a definite pecking order – and Queen Peanut Butter is at the top of that order!

A Night Time Power Play

In the evening, when everyone (including Peanut Butter and Soldier) heads to bed for the night, Soldier gets first dibs on a sleeping spot. He curls up contentedly at the foot of our bed. Ten minutes later, the cat hops on the bed and deliberately and literally walks all over the dog before finding her spot for the night. By morning, the cat is sprawled over two-thirds of the area at the foot of the bed and our sweet Soldier is curled in a tight ball in the space that’s left. My husband and I manage to sleep through the night in our own real estate on the bed, which is comparatively small considering how much bigger we are than either the dog or the cat.

Do you have a cat who rules the roost in your home? We’d love to see the pictures or hear your stories! Comment below about your intimidating cats and intimidated dogs!


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