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Seven Reasons to Have a Pet (Plus One Great Reason)

girl hugging dog on sofa is one of the best reasons to have a pet

Most people make the decision to adopt a pet because they love animals and they want one. For these people, it’s simple. But if you want to have a pet and your partner is hesitant, or if you’re not sure whether timing is right, there are at least seven great reasons to have a pet:

  1. Pets are good for your health. They reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. Heart attack patients with pets live longer than those who don’t have animal companions in their lives.
  2. Pets are great crime deterrents. Burglars avoid homes with pets, particularly dogs that could sound the alarm or attack them. If you have a dog walking with you rather than walking alone you’re less likely to be mugged.
  3. Having pets boosts your sense of responsibility, which is good for your sense of self-worth. This is one of the best reasons to have a pet if you have children – caring for the welfare of a pet will give them a greater sense of independence and maturity and will teach them empathy.
  4. Having a pet can be a great conversation starter. When walking your dog or taking your cat to the groomer, you can easily strike up a conversation with others because you have something in common – your pets.
  5. People who have pets report being less lonely than those who don’t. Pets listen well, never argue and always provide comfort.
  6. Pets keep you from becoming too sedentary. They need to be walked and cared for, even when you might not feel like it. Once you’re up and about, you’ll usually discover that you’re glad you played with your pet, took him for a walk, etc. Interacting with your pet is a natural mood elevator.
  7. One of the best reasons to have a pet is the unconditional love you’ll receive. Your dog or cat will love you without reservation and without expecting anything in return. Their loyalty and steadfastness will never fade. It feels good to know that you can rely on that approval and love even when you feel like the whole world is against you!

If none of these reasons to have a pet convince your significant other, take him or her to a few shelters to meet the dogs and cats who are available for adoption. They may fall in love with one of the pets they meet, which is the best of all reasons to have a pet!

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