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Natural Balance Green Pea and Chicken “Wows” Two Family Cats


Until getting some free samples of Natural Balance Green Pea and Chicken cat food at the recent Pet Conn, we weren’t familiar with Natural Balance dog and cat food.  Natural Balance blends a variety of wholesome, natural ingredients that are meant to improve overall health and nutrition. The company also talks a great deal about the superior taste of their line of pet foods. After two recent experiences with it, we’re convinced.

Sir Jack Loves Natural Balance Green Pea and Chicken,

Sir Jack inside a swag bag sniffing out the Natural Balance Green Pea and Chicken samples

Sir Jack displaying a total lack of reserve while sniffing out the Natural Balance Green Pea and Chicken samples

This has already been mentioned on The Contemporary Pet’s Facebook page, but it’s worth repeating, so we’ll just put this out there:

“Jack, a handsome and usually reserved Maine Coon cat, lost his cool and went full-on crazy digging to the bottom of this bag from Pet Supplies Plus to get to the samples in the bottom of the bag. He tore through a bag of Natural Balance Green Pea & Chicken like we hadn’t fed him for a month! We highly recommend these for even the most finicky cats. Sir Jack never lies!”

 And it really was amusing and surprising to see Jack, my mother’s Maine Coon Cat, climb deep into the swag bag I’d brought from the Pet Conn & Equine Expo. He normally wouldn’t do that, but he was extremely insistent that he wanted that Green Pea and Chicken cat food!  Once he tore a sample bag open, he made short work of it.

Peanut Butter Discovers the Deliciousness of Green Pea and Chicken

The following day, we decided to offer the food to our own cat, Peanut Butter. She’s 17 years old, a bit of a cranky old woman and a very picky eater. Lately, she’s been losing weight and no one (including her veterinarian) can figure out why. We opened another sample packet, poured it into a bowl and set it down next to the permanently cranky feline. After a few suspicious sniffs, she tucked into the food and has been eating well ever since. In fact, she’s gaining weight, which is good because she was getting skinny enough to show her hip bones. The vet was pleased with her weight gain and is hoping Peanut Butter will soon be back to her old self.

So don’t let anyone tell you that the kind of cat food doesn’t matter, or that cats don’t really care what they eat. Sir Jack and Peanut Butter will be happy to prove them wrong!

You can find Natural Balance Green Pea and Chicken Cat Food at most major pet supply stores and from Chewy.com.


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  1. Clare Kendry

    June 18, 2017 6:16 am

    Yes we have tried the peanut butter with green pea and chicken sample we got from our vet, and Kelly loves it very much! I just like the fact that Natural Balance provides more nutrients than any other foods out there.

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