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It’s National Pet Day – Celebrate Your Pets!

National Pet Day animals


National Pet Day – a day to celebrate our pets of all shapes and sizes. They bring us joy we can’t find in any other relationship. they keep our hearts open to the possibilities in life. They help keep us fit. They make us laugh. They love unconditionally. They are so many things to us and commune with us even though they have no words. They are the epitome of selfless devotion and love. Let’s always remember this; our pets are love personified with four feet and fur. Is there anything else that we need to know about our pets? Not really. So today, take the time to celebrate your pets with a longer walk, a few more belly rubs, an awesome new toy or a few tasty treats. And have a Happy National Pet Day!

To learn more about the many ways pets can contribute to our health and well-being, visit Positive Health Wellness and read their article “All You Need to Know About Pets Improving Your Health.” You can also find out more from Balance Me Beautiful’s extensive article, “Ultimate Guide to to How Pets Improve Our Health.”


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