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Ten Ways to Show Your Pet Some Love on “Love Your Pet Day”

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It’s “Love Your Pet Day!” but for most pet owners, that’s every day of the year. Still, it’s nice to take the time to do something extra to love your pet occasionally, so we’ve put together a quick list of ten ways to show your pet some love:

 1. Really talk to your pet. Sure, we all talk to our pets throughout the day, but most of the time it’s in a off-hand kind of way. To really talk to your pet, make sure he is looking at you and that you’re focusing on him in such a way that he knows you’re addressing him. Get down to his level, stroke his back, focus, and use his name often. To love your pet, give him your undivided attention!

2. Make eye contact. When your pet looks at you, she’s showing her love. Gaze at your pet with a smile on  your face. Making eye contact communicates your love, but be sure that your eye contact doesn’t last so long that it makes her nervous; you should be the first to look away.

3. Give your pet a massage. Just like humans, pets can get sore or tired muscles, particularly if they are seniors. A nice belly rub, massaging their back and legs and rubbing behind the ears are all ways to give your pet some love. Experiment to see what your pet enjoys the most on Love Your Pet Day.

4. Try a new food or treat. If you’ve been considering upgrading to a better quality of food, today is the day to try it out! Just give your pet a small serving at first and wait to see how his digestive system handles it. A new, tastier food will be a treat for your pet and may provide health benefits over time as you transition to a new food choice.

5. Play with your pet. There’s no better way to show your pet love than fully engaging with her through play. A few rounds of tug-of-war, fetch or any other game she enjoys is good for her health, too!

6. Work an extra walk into your dog’s day. Remember, while you’re at work or running errands, your dog is patiently waiting for you at home and doesn’t get a change of scenery. Taking him for an extra walk, particularly if you walk somewhere new or take a different route, is sure to show him your love.

7. Make a play date with one of your pet’s friends. Playing with other dogs or cats that your pet enjoys spending time with is great not only for her socialization skills, it will also provide some extra exercise and mental stimulation. There’s no better way to love your pet than to share him with friends of his own species.

8. Learn animal body language. Pets can be a mystery even after years of interaction. Look for an online class or talk to your veterinarian to find out where you can learn what your pet’s movements and facial expressions mean, then put that knowledge to work. Your pet will appreciate your new interpretive skills and ability to understand what he or she means.

9. Schedule a vet visit. It may not sound like a loving gesture, but a visit to the veterinarian for a check-up could prolong his life or catch an illness early on so that you can begin treatment sooner. While you’re at the vets, get your pet micro-chipped.

10. Give your pet a gift. A new chew toy, a catnip mouse or some other favorite toy gives pets the thrill of receiving a gift just like people get. Try something new or give him an updated version of an old favorite; the point is to show your pet some love by treating him or her to something new.

How do you show your pet that you love them? Comment below with your ideas on how to express your feelings on “Love Your Pet Day.”

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