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Four Puppy Training Tips to Make Training Easier

woman training puppy to sit and beg

Every puppy looks adorable, and when you bring your new puppy home you’ll discover that she looks so cute you may have a hard time training her.  After all, she’s so sweet, you’ll just hate being stern with her.  Unfortunately, if you aren’t consistent with your puppy training, you’ll soon have a dog who isn’t well behaved.  Sometimes, this leads to a wonderful pet being dropped at a shelter because that cute behavior from a tiny ball of fur isn’t nearly as attractive in a full-grown dog.

Whether you have beagle, a puggle, a Labrador retriever or a bulldog, the rules for puppy training remain the same.  You need to let your new puppy know who the boss is and reward her for good behavior until it is second nature.  Here are four simple tips to make training your puppy easier:

1. Make Obeying a Command Easy at First


When training your puppy, keep in mind that nothing is more frustrating and disheartening to your puppy than failing at something you want her to do.  She lives to make you happy, so make commands easy to achieve.  For instance, as soon as she sits, even if her butt hits the ground for only two seconds, reward her!  When she can’t fail, she will be eager to learn and you can progressively work your way up to sitting for long stretches, etc.


2. Be Lavish in Your Praise when Puppy Training.

She loves the sound of your voice and can tell you are excited and happy by the tone of your voice.  Every time you reward her with a treat, praise her.  She’ll soon want the praise as much or more than the treat.

3. Be Consistent

Inconsistency is one of the most common mistakes people make when training their puppy.  If you won’t let her sit on the sofa when company comes, you can’t let her get on the sofa when you are alone with her.  Conflicting commands will lead to confusion and misbehavior.  Don’t reward her for kissing you, then yell when she licks visitors.

4. Use Simple Words

Dogs have short attention spans and language isn’t natural for them.  If you use long sentences or phrases for commands, it can lead to confusion, especially when some words sound a lot like others used in different commands.  When puppy training, a command should be one or two words.  (Sit.  Stay. Fetch.  Not “Go get me the ball.”)

If you keep these tips in mind during puppy training, you’ll soon have a dog who is happy to obey any number of commands in exchange for one of your smiles.


  1. Roger Donavan

    February 21, 2017 11:41 am

    These tips would definitely ease to puppy training process. I am sure my puppy would learn quicker with these tips. I usually take him to puppy training classes in Madison where he enjoys the sessions.

  2. Andrew

    June 13, 2017 4:55 pm

    Interesting article about puppy. Thanks for this info, shared it on Facebook with my animal rescue friends.

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