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Dreamscope: Creating Artwork from Pet Photos

I have tons of pet photos on my computer and in my iPhone; too many to be able to display or share them all. A friend recently told me that I should select a few of my more memorable photos and turn them into artwork by having them reproduced on canvas, but I wanted something more unique – something that was truly artistic rather than an exact reproduction of my run-of-the-mill photographs. In my searching, I came across Dreamscope.

Choose From Hundreds of Styles

Dreamscope is a free app and website that lets you upload your photographs, then download transformed versions of your original photos that resemble incredible works of art. There are hundreds of possible styles to choose from, including Impressionistic watercolor effects, bizarre skewing of perspective and even charming effects like a portrait in all-over lace. Your transformed pet photos can then be downloaded to your computer and you can print them on paper, canvas or any other medium you like.

Sucked Down the Pet Photos Rabbit Hole

I admit to playing around with the Dreamscope filters for a few too many hours when I first discovered it, but honestly, it’s great fun. I chose to use a photograph from about ten years ago of my son and me with our two dogs. It was a great Christmas picture that translated well into a variety of styles when run through Dreamscope. I hope you’ll take a look at these – I’m sure you’ll agree that the various versions in the slideshow are stylish and arresting. If you have any pet photos you’d like to turn into artistic renderings, try downloading the Dreamscope app and creating your own artwork. And be sure to send The Contemporary Pet the artwork you create out of your pets’ photos and we may feature them in a future blog post!

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