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Protect Your Pet with Reflective Collars, Coats and Leashes

Protecting Your Pet is Easy with Reflective Collars, Coats and Leashes

Most of us know that we should follow certain safety rules when we are walking or jogging, especially at night.  We wear reflective tape on our clothes or wear white and may take a flashlight with us.  If we do that for ourselves, shouldn’t we invest in the same for our pets as well?  Pets  who don’t wear reflective collars or other safety accessories at night can unexpectedly dash out into traffic or seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere to others out walking. You don’t want others to be surprised or startled by your pet any more than you want those people frightening your dog.

Protecting Your Pet is Easy with Reflective Collars, Coats and Leashes

Reflective collars from www.keepdoggiesafe.com

There are dozens of online retailers where you can get proper safety gear and reflective items for your dog or cat. You can buy dog boots and collars or dog coats that have reflective tape on them so that she will be easily spotted when you are walking together after dark. The most popular items are reflective collars, harnesses and leashes that feature strips of reflective taping that will glow when hit with any kind of light.  Even a small amount of reflective clothing can prevent a tragedy if your pet gets away from you. There are also coats that have been treated with a glow-in-the-dark coating.

A quick online search will reveal a wide variety of pet accessories, including the Wag Safely line at Keep Doggies Safe designed to help you protect your pet from heat stroke, being hit in traffic, lost or injured. If you participate in water sports like sailing and take your buddy along, you must be sure to put him in a dog flotation device.  Yes, dogs are natural swimmers, but they can easily get in a situation beyond their strength, endurance and experience when they are on a lake in the water and they aren’t used to the situation.   Unless they are specifically trained, dogs can tire quickly in the water or develop hypothermia in minutes.  A dog flotation device will keep him safe and secure while you enjoy your afternoon on the lake.

Investing in dog safety clothing will protect your dog in potentially dangerous situations when circumstances may be beyond your control – and after all, don’t you want to protect your pet no matter what?

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