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Pampering Your Feline with the Right Cat Bed

Pampering Your Feline with the Right Cat Bed

Cats are born knowing they’re meant to be spoiled, so when they take up residence in your home they will expect comfortable accommodations, including a proper cat bed.  Fortunately there are plenty of quality cat bed options available that will pamper your cat in style.

Standard Cat Beds

The traditional cat bed is a round, fiber-filled bed that has some kind of cloth cover that will be soft and soothing for your pet.  A few things to look for in this style is a bed with enough stuffing for plenty of loft so that it won’t matt down and some cedar chips mixed into the fiber fill to help control fleas and odor.  The cover should also be removable and machine washable for easy care.  Many of these will have a faux lamb’s wool or micro-suede cover because these materials will trap loose cat hair and can then be washed periodically.

Box Beds

If your cat is more particular, however, she may want something a bit more elaborate.  Some cats prefer a bed that is more enclosed because they like the security of “boxed in.”  For these cats, there are box beds available that have some advantages.

A box bed can be square, round or oval, but gets its name from the raised sides which give your pet a sense of security by being sheltered on three sides when in the cat bed.  One side is lower for easy entering and leaving and to let your cat see in and out.  The sides also protect your cat from drafts in cold weather and help trap her body heat to keep her warmer on cool nights.

Sleeping Balls

These cat beds look a lot like a miniature bean bag chair.  If your cat is a “burrower” who likes to dig down in between the couch cushions, this could be the bed of choice for her.  It envelopes her like an envelope when she sinks into it and she can pad around in it and make a sort of nest by pushing it around with his paws, manipulating the filling to his liking. As with any pet bed, look for one that has a removable, washable cover.  With this one in particular, a thick, sturdy cover is important since there is more chance of snagging when your cat is kneading or arranging his spot.

Sanctuary Beds

Is your cat the aloof type that likes to retreat from the world to her own private space?  Then an enclosed sanctuary bed would be just the thing for her royal highness!  These are beds that resemble small tents or pyramids that are completely enclosed with a door in the front so that she has a nice, dark “cave” she can retreat to when she wants to be alone.

Windowsill Beds

The windowsill bed is mounted with metal or wooden brackets onto the wall just underneath or flush with your windowsill so that your cat can bask in the warm sunlight and watch the world go by.  If your feline friend loves to enjoy the scenery, this is a great cat bed option that can also save the back of your furniture from wear and tear.  Most are covered with padding and upholstered with faux shearling or some sort of microfiber for comfort and durability.  If you get one of these, your cat can be entertained for hours simply watching the world go by her window.

Choosing the appropriate cat bed depends largely on your own cat’s personality and your preference, but do be sure to go for quality and durability so that your pet is comfortable and happy.

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