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Six Great Mother’s Day Gifts for Pet Moms and Pet Lovers


Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 14th, and there’s no better time for you to recognize not only your own mother, but pet moms as well. These wonderful women give their love, time and attention to pets they cherish. They may not have children in the traditional sense, but they certainly nurture and protect their pets regardless of whether they are feathered, finned, furred or scaled. We’ve gathered a few of the nicest gifts for pet moms we could find to get you started.

The Pet Birthstone Locket for Pet Moms

This glass-fronted locket is the ideal Mother's Day Gift for pet lovers

This glass-fronted locket shows off your fur babies’ birthstones.

This new take on an old tradition looks like fine jewelry and is a fresh take on the traditional mother’s ring or locket that contains the birthstones of her children. The locket can hold one or several birthstone gems in the shape of a paw. The pet birthstone locket comes with one birthstone paw print, but you can add additional ones up to eight charms for a few dollars more. An added bonus to this Mother’s Day gift? You can add new charms with each new pet    $24.95

Personalized Dog Paw Rubber Stamps

Does she sign birthday cards with the names of her dogs or cats included? Then this personalized dog paw rubber stamp will thrill her – each paw print stamp can be personalized with a pet’s name. She’ll love using these to sign Christmas cards and they are a charming way to “tag” a pet’s favorite toy before he heads off to Day Care.   $5.99

The Kitty Wine Stopper: Just Add Wine for a Great Mother’s Day Gift

This Cat Winestopper Makes a perfect Mother's Day gift for wine lovers.

This Cat Winestopper will tickle pet loving wine drinkers.

A whimsical Mother’s Day gift for the cat lover who is also fond of wine. This rubber wine stopper perfectly captures the natural curiosity and grace of a cat. This black cat can’t resist the opportunity to stick her head in where it doesn’t belong – that newly opened bottle of wine! Pair this wine stopper with a bottle of her favorite vino and she’s sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.   $9.71

Dog Bone Leash Holder Keeps Pet Moms Organized and Ready to Go

Let’s face it – Mom ends up being the official dog walker most days. Keep her organized and on the go with Fido with this charming leash holder. Shaped like a bone and painted in rustic colors, it has enough hooks to hold a leash, collar, keys and even a jacket next to the door. No more searching for anything when it’s time for a walk!  Several colors and finishes available.      $24.95

Custom Pet Oil Painting Portrait Will Make this Mother’s Day Unforgettable

A pet portrait is the perfect Mother's Day gift for the dog lover.

A pet portrait is a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for animal lovers.

If you want to pull out all the stops and give her a pet lover’s Mother’s Day gift she’ll cherish, consider commissioning a portrait of her pet or pets. The one shown is an oil painting done from a photograph. You can find artists on sites such as Etsy who will do a pet portrait in oil, watercolor, pastels or ink ranging in price from less than $75 to well over $1,000. Details and the medium used make a difference, so compare several artists’ works to get an idea of what the finished portrait will look like.   $75 and up.

Pet Silhouette Jewelry to Show Which Breed Captures Her Heart

A necklace that features the silhouette of Mom’s favorite animal – whether it’s a West Highland Terrier, a kitten or a dinosaur! – is sure to be worn with pride. The version pictured above can be found on Etsy and is suspended on a fine gold chain.

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