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Animal Advocacy Day 2017: How Can You Help Protect Animals?

Various pets on Animal Advocacy Day

Sunday, April 30, 2017 is National Animal Advocacy Day. On this day each year, individuals and organizations around the world work together to continue the work of speaking for and protecting those who can’t speak for themselves – animals of every kind.

While many people give generously all year round to animal advocacy groups such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and local shelters and humane societies, others give their time and expertise to the cause. If you’re looking for ways you can be an animal advocate, consider these ways to become more involved in animal advocacy in 2017:

  • Take part in local Animal Advocacy Day events in your area. Many cities now have their own fundraising events to raise money and awareness of animals’ often dire plights around the world. Attend an event, then share your thoughts on social media.
  • Shop for products that are labeled “animal cruelty free.” These are products that don’t use animal testing or processes that are harmful to animals.
  • Consider making your yearly donation to animal rights’ groups a monthly, recurring donation. It’s easy to set up automatic payment plans that will take the same amount out of your checking account each month and send it to the animal rights group of your choice.
  • Educate others about animal rights violations and animal advocacy organizations in your home country and around the globe. The more our voices are heard, the less animal cruelty people will tolerate, and the more animals we can save.

    Woman writing letter to congressman for Animal Advocacy Day

    Write to your congressmen to promote Animal Advocacy Day and support new anti-cruelty laws.

  • Learn more about any upcoming bills or laws that are being proposed to protect animals in your state, then right to your congressional representatives and ask them to support those laws. The ASPCA has some excellent tips for being a strong lobbyist for animal rights.
  • Become an active member of an organization such as the Humane Society of the United States. This organization offers training and education at the local level so that volunteers can become vital members of their animal rescue teams.
  • Commit to recycling and conservation of natural resources. Every time a wilderness area or jungle falls to developers, oil drilling, mining and irresponsible timber cutting, habitats used by wild animals are compromised or destroyed. Many times this leads to the extinction or endangering of rare animals.
  • Report any acts of animal cruelty that you see or hear about to local authorities. They will be properly investigated and the animals can be taken to a place of sanctuary and healing.
  • Speak out and speak up. Talk to your friends and family about Animal Advocacy Day. Educate them about the continuing need for volunteers and donations for organizations that protect animals around the globe.
  • Begin planning now for Animal Advocacy Day 2018. Ask businesses to sponsor an event or match funds in 2018, then plan an event that others can participate in such as a 5K run, a community dog wash or a bake sale.

And finally, every pet that is adopted by an individual like you is one less animal that will be abused or mistreated in the future. While you may not be able to save the entire world of animals, you can save the world for one animal.

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