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What is Quarantine in Foreign Countries Like for Pets?

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This is our first “Ask the Expert” question from a visitor to The Contemporary Pet site. It’s about having to quarantine your pet when you move to another country.

I’m relocating to a foreign company. What will the quarantine process be like for my pets? I’m afraid they won’t be cared for properly and will be scared. Will I be able to visit them?
                                                                    – Jason, Moab, Utah

Hello Jason – the answer to your question depends on which country you are traveling to. Some countries that impose quarantine on dogs and cats entering the country will not allow you to visit your pet during the quarantine period. Australia is an example of this. Other countries  like China will allow you visitation rights with advance permission. There are some countries like Malaysia which require a pet owner to provide for feeding and care during quarantine, thus visitation rights are necessary.

Your concerns are understandable as it is difficult to be separated from your pet, especially at the end of a long trip to a foreign country. Generally, quarantine facilities are operated by a governmental agency or a facility that is licensed and approved to provide this service. You may be able to find details about the facility and its operating procedures online or by contacting the veterinary division of the agency that is responsible for the import and export of animals, typically, the Department of Agriculture.

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